Monday, November 28, 2016


                                                                                                                                                                                                    Hebrews 6:19
We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure...

When I was pregnant with my daughter, 28 years ago, there was a moment in time when no one thought that she would survive.  Doctors shook their head sadly as they relayed the heartbreaking news that I would probably lose this baby.  One doctor tried unsuccessfully to make an appointment for an abortion.

As I sat there in the silent hospital room with only the breeze from a nearby vent blowing on my face I looked out of the window at the snow covered mountains in Vancouver.  Suddenly in the midst of this heart crushing news I got a picture.  It was as clear as if someone showed me a photograph,  I saw a picture of me standing in front of my church with my husband, my son and my little baby - the baby I carried  inside of me.  I shook my head.  I felt like I was going crazy that right then at that time when I needed all my wits about me,  my mind was failing.

It felt like a mockery.  My heart was trying to prepare for loss, when all my mind could see was this picture.

This was hope trying to poke its way through the stony bits of my heart.   In the very beginning of my pregnancy it was just a tiny flicker, that flickered on and off, in the black silent night.  At first I couldn't tell if it was a mockery of all that I was going through or a flicker of hope from God.

As time wore on in my pregnancy this hope grew with a raging force, beating within my chest.  I clung to it - I clung to that picture in my head with a grip that wouldn't let go.  I held it like a teddy bear that I never wanted to lay down.  I needed it when the tears of fear fell softly down my cheeks in the darkest  of days.

At the end of my pregnancy, I held a tiny baby girl in front of the church that was praying for me and I shared with them my story - the story of hope.

You see hope isn't wispy or weak.  It isn't scared or shy.  It is strong.  It is powerful and it fills our life with that unwavering strength; that trust in a God who loves us deeply in spite of the circumstances we may be going through, a God who can do anything.  A God who wants to see us dream and then meet those dreams.

Hope is about promises.
Hope is about trust.
Hope is unwrapping his gift of faith.

He is a God of hope.  Our hope is safe within his name softly spoken in our spirits.  .  Let the fire of his hope burn up all your pain and hopelessness.   What does your heart need today? What fears do you face? What circumstances are overtaking you??

As you close your eyes and really look deep inside your soul to where Jesus makes his home - he will show you a picture.  Don't wave it away.  Don't shake your head like I did.  Instead take the picture,  and treasure it.  Hold it close to your chest and remember what it looks like when your life seems far from what He is showing  you today.  Remember how you felt when he gave it to you.  Remember the quiet assurance that came softly to lay at your feet; the sweet calm over the chaos.  Remember and don't let go.

"We have this hope..."

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