Cross pictures

The grace of the cross
When you were little,  did you ever just sit and dream of what life would be like when you grew up?  How different is your life now from the life you dreamed of?   Did you count on the difficulties that came your way throughout your life?

My life isn't far off from what I dreamed as a little girl.  I married a minister.  I have beautiful children.  I have traveled to many places and have experienced a lot of amazing things.  When I was little,  I was always hesitant about thinking about getting married because I didn't want a boring life.  My life has been anything but boring.

But there is one thing that I never added to my dreams in my childhood.  It was the pain that would come my way; the difficult patches; the times that I wasn't really sure if I could go on or even wanted to.  And I have experienced those times.  The times when I clung onto my faith in Jesus Christ so tightly because I just knew that I couldn't do anything else.
This is the story behind the series of pictures that I am going to share with you.  

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