Monday, May 25, 2015


This time of year is undeniably my favorite time of year (until I get to Christmastime.)  This is the season when the whole world around awakens from the winter,  pushes up from the ground and yells in unison,  "I can do it.  I can be beautiful.  I can be strong.  I can LIVE!"

As I was walking around Henderson Lake the other day I saw the usual people.  There are the runners you can tell hit the gym in the wintertime but are busting out into the wide open spaces to enjoy their runs.  There are the amblers who  just enjoy snapping pictures of beauty all around them with their iPhones (that would be me) and there are the serious photographers out there armed with their 20 foot long lenses and their tripods in hopes of capturing the perfect National Geographic photo.   The sweethearts are sauntering down the lane hand in hand gazing at each other with a "this will last forever" star in their eyes.  At the same there is the sweet older couple: she with a carved cane in her hand and he with pure white thinning hair,  talking quietly to each as they hobble gingerly down the uneven terrain.  Still others have parked themselves on benches scattered here and there,  relaxing with a good book in their hands and wide rimmed hats on their heads to shield them from the bright sun.

My life message is hope.  My passion is hope.  Everything about this season screams hope - the land, the flowers and our hearts as we crawl out of our four stuffy walls to enjoy the sunshine that God has given us after such a long and sometimes cruel winter. 

This day, walking around the pristine lake,  with the birds overhead and the geese paddling close by in the water,  I celebrate hope again. 

  Happy springtime everyone!!

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  1. Oh, these photographs are so beautiful! What a precious world we live in. On such a cold day in the Southern Hemisphere these pictures lift my spirit. Blessings to you!